MCEbuddy Tivo convert not working after Win10 Upgrade

I am having an issue after upgrading to Win10. It looks like MCE is failing right as it looks for disk space. I have over 1TB free… Any help would be appreciated. I have attached the MCE.log.

Attach your conversion log, that’s where it shows the available disk space and how much it’s expecting. How many concurrent conversions have you configured?

Here is the log from one of the files I was trying to convert. I used kmttg and was able to pull the file down and convert it to a .ts so I am thinking its an issue with how mcebuddy is trying to analyze the .tivo file. I have tried recreating the job,but to no avail.

Verify if your MAK key is correct.

TiVO Decode is failing:

2017-11-20T20:54:44 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.TiVOUserRemux --> ERROR> 2017-11-20T20:54:44 MCEBuddy.RemuxMediaCenter.RemuxMCERecording --> TiVODecode failed to remux to mpg

Also wondering if it’s a filename issue with the special characters. Try to rename the file without any quotes or special characters and give it a whirl and see if that has any effect on TiVO Decode.

I completely went in and recreated the conversion task. I have made sure that the MAK matches as well. I dont really know where else to go from here.

Try renaming the file like I suggested above. Maybe the characters are throwing TiVO decode off.

Then that defeats the purpose of mcebuddy automating the conversion. I can use other Apps like PyTivo or kmttg to pull the shows down, but I had it working with the TivoDesktop app and had it automated through that.

You won’t know what the problem is until you try to isolate it. If it’s the name we can try to patch it up, if it isn’t the name then it’s something else with your upgrade that isn’t compatible. Process of elimination.

If it was working with TiVO Desktop try to reinstall that, MCEBuddy uses TiVO desktop if installed otherwise it falls back to TiVO Decode.

I am eating my words. I reinstalled TiVo Desktop again and it is again working. Thank you for your assistance.

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