Can’t convert TiVo files


Hi all. I just upgraded and man using the latest version. When I download a file from my TIVO using KTTMG MCEBuddy looks like it’s going to start converting it but it doesn’t. I’ve attached the log. Any help would be appreciated.

SEAL Team - S01E08 - The Exchange.TiVo-Convert to MP4-2017-11-24T16-24-12.8044727-06-00.log (149.2 KB)

(Goose) #2

Have you installed TiVO Desktop on your MCEBuddy machine?


No. I just purchased the tivo after TiVo Desktop was discontinued. I only have kmttg and MCEbudyy. I thought I only needed these two. I doesn’t go past the Remux part. Ive entered my MAK key and copied it from kmttg.

(Goose) #4

TiVo remux only works on slow transfers (MPG), if you downloaded using a fast transfer (TS files) it won’t work. It’s best to install TiVO Desktop (you can download it, search the internet) for maximum compatibility

(Goose) #5

TiVo Desktop terms TS downloads as “Fast Transfer” downloads

Make sure :

kmttg configure -> Program Options tab

has Download TiVo files in Transport Stream format option to disable TS downloads