Can’t convert TiVo files

Hi all. I just upgraded and man using the latest version. When I download a file from my TIVO using KTTMG MCEBuddy looks like it’s going to start converting it but it doesn’t. I’ve attached the log. Any help would be appreciated.

SEAL Team - S01E08 - The Exchange.TiVo-Convert to MP4-2017-11-24T16-24-12.8044727-06-00.log (149.2 KB)

Have you installed TiVO Desktop on your MCEBuddy machine?

No. I just purchased the tivo after TiVo Desktop was discontinued. I only have kmttg and MCEbudyy. I thought I only needed these two. I doesn’t go past the Remux part. Ive entered my MAK key and copied it from kmttg.

TiVo remux only works on slow transfers (MPG), if you downloaded using a fast transfer (TS files) it won’t work. It’s best to install TiVO Desktop (you can download it, search the internet) for maximum compatibility

TiVo Desktop terms TS downloads as “Fast Transfer” downloads

Make sure :

kmttg configure -> Program Options tab

has Download TiVo files in Transport Stream format option to disable TS downloads