Conversion skipped

I am having an issue where some shows fail to convert with the error below. they all hit this point and then fail.

NOTE: Don’t forget to attach your conversiBull - ‘‘Home for the Holidays’’ (Recorded Dec 17, 2018, WGCLDT).TiVo-tivo-2019-01-10T16-45-54.8974252-05-00.log (49.2 KB)
on log or MCEBuddy.log file as appropriate

I don’t see any error, it’s a successful conversion. It’s how you’ve configured MCEBuddy, you’ve checked the skip re-conversion option in your Conversion Task Expert Settings page:

Skip ReProcessing -> True

WARNING> 2019-01-10T16:46:16 MCEBuddy.Engine.ConversionJob --> Destination file \Storage\Media\TIVO\Bull - S02E10 Home for the Holidays.mp4 found converted in HISTORY, skipping re-conversion - SUCCESSFUL processing

A file with a similar name was converted in the past and since you’ve checked the Skip re-conversion option it won’t convert another file with the same filename again.

So i figured you had this correct, but now I am now getting a different error. This is one that hasn’t converted before and I am still getting the unsupported stream error.
Blindspot - ‘‘Check Your Ed’’ (Recorded Jan 11, 2019, WXIADT).TiVo-tivo-2019-01-12T19-40-45.2140342-05-00.log (157.0 KB)

Unrelated to your last post. Looking at the bottom of the log file:

2019-01-12T19:41:12 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.TiVOUserRemux --> ERROR> 2019-01-12T19:41:12 MCEBuddy.RemuxMediaCenter.RemuxMCERecording --> TiVODecode failed to remux to mpg

Looks like your TiVo setup isn’t correct. See the page on how to fix your TiVO setup and check your MAK key so that the file can be read by MCEBuddy.