MCEBuddy.Engine.ConversionJob --> Remux failed

Good afternoon,
Awhile ago I created a profile to remove the commercials from my Playlater recordings. The process was working great up until recently. Now, the process fails with the error in the Subject Line and fails to do anything. Any suggestions?

NCIS_ Los Angeles - s09e06 - Can I Get A Witness_.mp4-Playlater - New-2017-11-07T13-40-50.4764513-06-00.log (206.3 KB)

I think your MCEBuddy.conf file is corrupted. Try to reinstall MCEBuddy or post your MCEBuddy.conf file. I suspect the remux section is missing.

Here are both of the .CONF files.

mcebuddy.conf (4.3 KB)
profiles.conf (96.7 KB)

Here is the log for a .ts recording that does convert, albeit slower than I think it should given the i3 Kaby Lake NUC with QuickSync I am using. Commercials and Compress-2017-11-06T21-05-42.9427146-06-00.log (4.7 MB)

I am open to re-installing, but I really need to get it working correctly.


I went ahead and wiped out everything and uninstalled, downloaded the Beta and reinstalled and all appears to be working so far. Interestingly enough, even though I renamed the old MCE Buddy directory it kept my profiles intact.

What throughput should I expect on the new COMSKIP given I don’t have the donator version? I am getting 25fps.

Yep, the entire remux section is missing from your conf file. Did you manually edit the file?

I don’t recall manually editing the file. Regardless, wiping out the directory and uninstalling/reinstalling resolved the issue. Additionally, this time around I changed it from MP4 HIGH to MP4 Normal so my conversions are only taking 30 minutes instead of an hour. Thanks!