MCEBuddy stalling after server crash and rebuild

Didn’t have this running more then a week when main server HD failed. Rebuilt and installed however now MCEB is stalling trying to process shows. One of the errors I see in the show logs is Remux Failed. Can anyone shed some light on where I should look next? Thanks and Happy New Year to everyone here.

Ok did a better job of searching for old threads and came up with this one… removed and reinstalled MCEB. Hoping this will fix… will follow up shortly thanks
MCEBuddy.Engine.ConversionJob –> Remux failed ailed/954)

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Back again as the issue has returned. This time it loads files to be converted but then goes no further. The process window shows the file name - Fast Remuxing. I have attached the log files for the shows being converted along with the config files. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance

mcebuddy.conf (3.3 KB)
profiles.conf (96.7 KB)
Glenn 20161102 [20180114-1400].mpg-Convert to MP4-2018-01-19T04-55-24.8068525-05-00.log (61.9 KB)
Street Outlaws 20180110 [20180111-0200].mpg-Convert to MP4-2018-01-19T04-55-12.1864303-05-00.log (76.5 KB)

There seems to be something about your media file that’s choking a program called MediaInfo that MCEBuddy uses.

2018-01-19T04:55:59 MCEBuddy.RemuxMediaCenter.RemuxMCERecording --> Reading MediaInfo from F:\RecordedTV\Glenn\Glenn 20161102 [20180114-1400].mpg

Try updating to the latest version of 2.4.8 BETA version of MCEBuddy and see if that fixes the issue. If not you may need to upload a copy of your original video file to our upload server so we can analyze it.

Did you try moving the file to another disk incase your disk is corrupted?

Ok I removed everything and installed the beta version… will report later tonight.

So far it seems to be working however a 2 hour movie takes about 2 hours to convert. At least it is not stalling any longer this is with the beta version.

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