Manual files stuck/failed after update (but not folder monitored)

After updating to 2.5.6 files that are run manually get stuck at 100% after pass 2 of commercial removal. Strangely enough, files that run through folder monitoring have no issue. I thought clearing the history would help, but it did not. I had this issue happen almost a year ago, but I do not recall how I resolved it. Maybe change mcebuddy.conf.old to mcebuddy.conf?

The only errors I see are:

--> Process exited with code -1
WARNING> 2021-05-23T08:11:20 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.Comskip --> Comskip failed, negative return code
ERROR> 2021-05-23T08:11:20 MCEBuddy.CommercialScan.Scanner --> Comskip failed
ERROR> 2021-05-23T08:11:20 MCEBuddy.Engine.ConversionJob --> Advertisement scan failed

The Great North (2021) - S01E10 - Game of Snownes Adventure.ts-Manual.log (556.6 KB)

That did…something. While I have done some Manual files, there’s still one that gets stuck at the end of Comskip scan. I don’t think there’s an issue with the file. It has done several successful passes. I just keep trying different INI files to get a better cut (as I’ve done many times), but for some reason this one file continues to get stuck. Will do more testing. Any thoughts?