MCEBuddy 2.4 Beta (May 25 and previous beta build) fail to open in A's Video Converter and others

(John Freiman) #41

Thanks Goose,

I have a look at the timeout setting when i get back to my PC.
Also, with regards to codecs, I took the MCEBuddy recommendation to not use Codec Packs on my system a year or two ago. Now i only yse the ones you include with MCEBUddy on all my PCs.
I now download and install the Icaros software independently of Shark007 which I used to always install.

(Goose) #42

Have you tried the latest 2.4.10 BETA?

(sJr) #43

I will try over the next couple of days. I bounced back to 2.4.8 just to verify there weren’t any other issues. This worked fine. After the week is over i will try and let you know.