MCE Buddy Repeatedly processes a couple of files

The program has finally processed all my files. But know it keeps going back to 2 shows and processing them again. I see any obvious errors most of the commercials were removed.

What can i do to stop this other than removing the files?

Ridiculousness S10E29 20180126 [20180917-0132].mpg-TVShows-2020-04-02T14-03-28.log (150.8 KB) How to Train Your Dragon Homecoming 20191203 [20191204-0130].mpg-TVShows-1900-01-01T00-00-00.log (5.4 MB) s?mcebuddy.log (52.2 KB)

Wild guess, your filename has [ and ] in them. Try removing it and see if it solves the problem.

Otherwise try this, stop the engine, click on the History link. Locate your files in the list, click on them and click delete, now it should convert them once and be done with it (or if you cancel them while they’re converting then also it’ll be done and the status will reflect cancelled). Do not click on Clear History or it’ll restart all your conversions again.

I don’t think it is the [ ] because all the files have that in the name. That is how HDhomerun labels them based on record time/date, i think.

I tried to delete from the history window with the engine stopped but nothing happens.

Can you elaborate? When you start the engine again does it pick up the files? The logs aren’t showing much, it’s just showing that you cancelled the job and that the engine is picking it up. One possibility could be a corrupted history file which is why I asked you to open the history tab and delete the history for those files. Basically the engine looks at the history file while scanning folders. Any files that have been converted are recorded in the history file and if an entry exists then the engine won’t reconvert it. If the file/entry is corrupted that the reason why it’ll reconvert the file.

Yes, it picks up the files right away.

In the history file, it shows my nas drive in lower case for these ones that keep converting. Shouldn’t matter the case but it looks off. But it does show converted.

Check the filenames, the case doesn’t matter. If the filename has even one letter that’s different from the one that’s converted it will treat it like a new file. I can’t see from your screenshot.

The file names are exactly the same.
Can you go back to what you said about deleting them from the history? When i try and do that nothing happens. Are they supposed to be removed from the list when i do that?

Yes that’s correct. It should be removed from the list. If that doesn’t happen it means that you history file is corrupted. You can either open it manually and remove the section for that file or delete the history file and start over (it will reconvert all files in the monitoring folders).

I manually removed them from the history file and they reconverted without any issues.
Also they show with the NAS in uppercase like the other files now. Not sure what that has to do with anything, maybe because it was corrupted.