MCE Buddy Filter Question

I have been using MCE Buddy for sometime. I upgraded from version 2.4.8 to version 2.5.6 and now my conversions are not happening. Looking through the log, it appears to me it no longer likes my filter rule. I was using the following:

%ismovie%<Movies%showname% (%airyear%)%showname% (%airyear%),%showname%%showname% - S%season%##E%episode%##%airyear%%airmonth%_%airday%>

Which would move movies in to a folder starting with the movie name and move TV Shows in to a folder starting with their name, while adding season and episode information for watching with Plex. I also excluded protected content by using:

Have there been any changes that I missed? I would appreciate any assistance. I attached (hopefully) a portion of the log with several of the warnings.


mcebuddy.txt (14.4 KB)

According to the logs, your filter are invalid

File >La Brea_WNBCDT (WNBC-DT)_2021_10_26_21_00_00.wtv<, checking filename filter >*~TBS*;*~AMC*;*~BRAVO*;*~SYFY*;*~FX*;*~Velocity*;*~TNT*;*~USA*<

The ~ is used to indicate a negative match (exclusion), it should come before the * if you want to exclude filenames containing those words

Also MCEBuddy can’t find access this location:

No accessible files founds in location \MEDIACENTER\Users\Public\Recorded TV for monitor task C Drive Recorded TV

Thank you Goose!

I changed the location of the ~ and all is good. What is strange is that it has been working since it was set up a number of years ago with the ~ after the *.

I very much appreciate the assistance.