MCE buddy creating extra folders

Typically mcebuddy would write to a folder on the disk titled as the name of the show (ideal).

ex. Sinbad

Recently if the Sinbad folder already exists, it will create additional folders titled like.

Sinbad 04_01_2019-Sinbad Goes to Prison

I am assuming it is seeing a folder called sinbad already exists and it is making a new one…how do I make it just use the folder that is already there?

Check your Conversion Task -> Expert Settings
There is an option there to check if the destination file exists and create a unique name. Sounds like that option is enabled.

Also check your file metadata (conversion log) to see if the title of the show is being parsed properly, those are the two likely reasons.


Thanks for responding!

I checked conversion > expert and there doesnt seem to be any such option? I updated to the newest release version too, just to be sure but I still dont see it…

If this is not checked, you’ll have to attach your conversion log to see what’s going on

AHHHH ty!!!

ok so i went in and looked, that box is not checked.

which log do you need?

Conversion log for the file that was converted