Locations for destinations

I searched for this but i couldn’t find anything. I want to have each show in its own folder. That being said, i want MCEBuddy to detect the new dvr file on my emby server and take the commercials out and place back in the same folder and delete the original file. I can get it to read and take out the commercials, but it always puts it in the monitoring folder versus the sub folder it took it out of. Please help this is very annoying have to move the shows around inside my server.

2 ways to do this:

What’s the destination folder in the conversion task? You can set it as SubFolderName to have it put back in to a folder called SubFolderName of the original location. Leaving the destination folder blank will put the converted file back into the original location.

You can also enable custom renaming pattern in the Conversion Task and define a custom folder structure there.

Method 2 that Goose recommended is what i use.

Basically, just leave the destination folder blank, and mcebuddy will put the converted file back into the source folder. This is actually incredibly useful if you want to run the same task across multiple input folders. Once you test that your conversions are steady, and everything is working as it should, go into the advanced settings of where you specify your source folder(s) and check the box to delete the original after the conversion.

One thing to keep in mind. Now that your input and output folders are the same, you may want to give mcebuddy an easy way to tell which files have been converted. This is done in case you need to wipe conversion history, or move your install to a new pc etc. Basically, the goal is to avoid reconverting files that already been converted.

There are many ways to do this, but i personally prefer the two i use since they’re the easiest - change the extension or append the file name with a unique code. For example, i typically convert tv files to .m4v. It’s literally the same format as .mp4 (you can change the extension from mp4 to m4v and vice versa without affecting the usability of the file in any way). The reason for that is that i simply never run .m4v files in the wild. So chances are that if the file is .m4v, it’s already been converted so i tell mcebuddy to ignore it. You can do that by adding “~*.m4v;” without the quotes in either the conversion task settings/selection filters/file name, or right in the settings for watch folders where all the file formats are specified.

For movies i prefer mkv, which makes things a little trickier since my input files are also all mkv. For this, i simply append the file name and add some kind of a unique identifier for mcebuddy to know what to ignore. In conversion task settings check boxes for “rename and sort by video info” and “enable custom renaming” then add “%originalfilename%” without the quotes into the box below. Then add your identifier. I typically add a random group of letters that are unlikely to appear in the file name naturally, something like QZQX, so the box right under the “enable custom renaming” checkbox looks something like this “%originalfilename% - QZQX” with no quotes. You can then add “~QZQX.*;” without the quotes to Selection filters/File name and tell mcebuddy to ignore any file that has this in it’s name.

This will protect your files from being reconverted in case you lose/wipe your history, or are using a new install on a new pc etc, plus it also makes it easier to spot which file has been converted when looking through your folders with file explorer etc.

ok i will try not having destination folders. thanks