Mce buddy 2.5 Que question

Here is what i set up. I got 3 folders called convert tvshow 1, convert tvshow 2 and convert tvshow 3.
I then made 3 profiles mp4 normal with donate comskip.
each profile is dedicated to 1 of the associate monitor folder. (ie. convert tvshow 1 for profile 1. convert tvshow 2 for profile 2 etc…). I have three hard drives so i set each profile temp directory to each hard drive temp folder. I’m doing this in order to optimize the speed of conversion. they all end up to a single folder called converted tv shows. Works great, now my question.
is there a way to have the que sorted automatically.
right now i have to manually select each one and move it in the order so all profiles are converting in the same time. right now its processing all the files on Convert tvshow 1 and all the files in tvshow 2 and all files in tvshow 3. not just 1 file from each folder.
I hope im making sense on this