Is it possible to sort Archive Folder by show and season

Basically as the title states I was wondering if when a file is archived if it can be sorted by Show and Season like the converted file is. For my use case I basically compress tv shows and use the compressed version for when I am traveling and need to store files on smartphones or stream through crappy hotel wifi. The original uncompressed versions I use for home streaming. As it is setup now I can only tell MCEbuddy to place the original version in a specific folder and it will not sort by show/season. So periodically I have to manually go in and sort all the files and put them in their respective Show and Season folders. I was wondering if there would be anyway to automate that last part.

Create a new monitor location to monitor that folder and create a conversion task which links to that monitor location that only renames the files and sorts them.

“only renames the files and sorts them”

So I am guessing the conversion task I should use is .mp4 uncompressed?

Doesn’t matter what profile you pick, you need to check the Rename only option and it will bypass the conversion