Many logs for 1 task, and hissing in audio

2021-06-06 1330 The Memorial Tournament, Final Round_135_794.ts-MP4 Normal-2021-06-07T02-35-11.log (15.4 KB)

  1. A couple months ago I noticed a hissing in the audio of all my conversions. Over the past year there hadn’t been any issue like this.

  2. No idea but when the conversion starts, MCEbuddy creates lots more of the same file in the list?

Any help appreciated, because this is not working any more. Thanks!

[2021-06-06 1330 The Memorial Tournament, Final Round_17596_18025.ts-MP4 Normal-2021-06-07T02-36-02.log|attachment](upload://dUiPMciBF45Qfr
2021-06-06 1330 The Memorial Tournament, Final Round_17596_18025.ts-MP4 Normal-2021-06-07T02-36-02.log (15.4 KB)
DIdG6Vf5DSH7u.log) (15.4 KB)

Set your logs to debug and then attach the conversion log and also MCEBuddy.log which will show how many conversions are starting for each file.

From your screenshot above, each of those files are separate recordings (each one has a unique name), they’re not the same file. It looks like you have multiple recordings. If they are temporary or intermediary files/recordings set a minimum delay in your Monitor location → Expert settings page so MCEBuddy won’t pick them up.

Wow duh. Def was pulling the temp files into the process, so fixed that.

The “hissing” sound seems to be from the “Select Best Soundtrack = yes” downgrading the audio to 2 channels. I unselected this option and the audio is fine now. Not sure why that setting=yes would change a 6 channel audio to 2 channels?

Either way both issues resolved, and I REALLY appreciate your time and help, thank you!

Best! -James

Select the best audio track selects the preferred audio track when multiple audio tracks are available. When you unselect the Multi channel audio option it downgrades a multi channel audio into a stereo audio. These are two separate options.

It’s possible you may have a second audio track which is “hissing” selecting the option for best audio track is inadvertently picking up the second audio track. The logs can confirm if this is the case.

If you can upload your log and original video to our upload server I can look into it.