"License expired" after new install of MCEBuddy Premium

This week I tried the trial package and It worked well did all that I needed for it to. I purchased the program and followed the instructions to perform a clean install. When opening the program all controls are greyed out and the “License Expired” message is shown. What am I missing. Thanks for your help .

It means you installed the trial version instead of the premium version which needs to downloaded from the link to the premium access area

I wish that were the case. I used the access parameters you emailed me and downloaded the premium file. I deleted the trial zip and its install directory before unzipping the premium file. That way I was sure not to get them confused.

Hmm, try doing a clean install again and post a screenshot

Ok I will try in just a bit. Thanks

After all steps for clean install tried 2.56 just to see if it made a difference as you see it has same error. Does Emby store any info about this program I could not find any mention of it. No other antivirus but the microsoft one that comes with Win 10. I am stumped.

This appears to be an old trial version and not the premium version.

Try the current latest premium version 2.5.7 or 2.5.8 (beta) from the MCEBuddy server

Sorry to say , same result. I will try on another pc. even with a clean install something is left .