Could not make MCEBuddy work, attempt to re-install fails

Premier user for many years, program worked as advertised. Built a new PC in March 2022, finally got around to installing MCEBuddy in December. It installed fine on D: drive under Windows 11 Pro, but I could never make it work. So, I decided to re-install it (this SEEMS to “fix” most issues with M$ Windows). Now the installer says something to the effect “server instance already found, install aborted”. Upon clicking “OK”, the completion bar reverses back to the beginning. Needless to say the program does not work at all. Tried again, this time taking all defaults during the install (meaning it tried to install to C: drive), same error, but the installation actually still physically happened on the D: drive. I kind of suspect that something installed to the REGISTRY is screwing me over, but I have no clue as to what. Is there an UNINSTALL program that I can use to make sure that ALL references to MCEBuddy are removed, so a CLEAN install can be performed? Any help appreciated!

I really should learn to read!
Found this tip on this site:

MCEBuddy - Common Install, Uninstall and Start Up Issues
Service name already exists

I tried it and it appears to be working. Will come back if it does not. Thanks for a great program!