Is it possible to begin processing the file before recording is complete?

Is this possible? Comskip can begin processing the file marking the commercials before the recording is complete. It will save a lot of time.

I don’t think so. How do you know the recording will complete before the processing for commercials does?

Also, recording is very I/O intensive - the same data coming in from the tuner MUST get to disk ASAP. By processing, you’re also using that same disk to re-read the file for marking ads, competing with the ability to record the OTA stream.

So, basically, for a number of technical and practical reasons, you don’t try to process the file the same time you’re still recording it. If your system is busy recording all the time or doing other stuff, and there’s not enough CPU left to process the files, you should separate your recording/DVR system from your transcoding system (and possibly your playback system if you’re maxing your transcoding system).

TL;DR - you need to throw more hardware at the problem if your system is maxed.

If the problem is that you want to watch commercial-free while a show is in progress, then what you really need is a TiVo, like a Roamio OTA model (I recommend the All-In guide service so there are no monthly guide costs from that point on - about a 3yr payback).

I do this using dvrmstoolbox but this software is very old. It starts comskip as soon as the recording starts and it runs at a very low level until the recording ends. It works perfect. Comskip has an option for live tv processing. I use Kodi to view recordings and it then reads the edl that comskip created to auto skip the commercial even wile recording.

This is also how I did it when I used Windows Media Center.

Comskip is still being maintained. If it’s working perfectly, then keep on using it. Maybe update your comskip or get the donator version.