Comskip cutting off end of shows

Thanks to all that replied. Lately, we’ve had to disable Comskip because it tends to strip out portions of the TV shows we are recording. This is particularly annoying when it lops off the last 30-second snippet of the show and you don’t know how things wind up. If that is the only issue, then uninstall/reinstall will work. I’m just so used to application upgrades that are done by simply installing over the top (like EPG123) that needing to uninstall/reinstall seems stale nowadays.

One tip I’ve found is to always record 1 or 2 minutes longer than the show scheduled. Especially for live shows or shows that run after a live show (like The Voice, etc).

That way you’ll get a good match with Comskip on the end of the show.

Would be nice if that alone worked. I typically record 5 minutes extra, as disk space is non-critical. What I found is that some shows, mostly on the CW, fail miserably. I think part is because instead of the channel logo, they like to run promos on the bottom corner of the screen that Comskip thinks is still a commercial, so it pulls it out. Then, other shows, like Young Sheldon, often come back for a final 30-second spot at the end, and that gets cut off, too. I’m not faulting Comskip – it does GREAT filtering out commercials on some channels, like Fox, but every time it doesn’t work right, I get “that look” from the wife…