I am very pleased with your software

This is not a tech support question, but I could not find a general topic area on the forum.

I just want to say that I am really pleased with your software and I am glad I purchased it. The only problem I can find is the NFL films show which I love but is not removing commercials and I know why, it seems that the the border ads at the sides and bottom with real time football news updates is there throughout the show and the ads as well. So I could try Sony Vegas and crop the display but I have had a hard time cropping some older letterbox movies and it really is not as easy as it should be. Even TMPCenc Mastering works 5 had a limited crop function.

I guess if anyone knows of a good cropping editor and encoder I would love to try one. I think I tried Handbrake as well and the copping did not work with the movies I have in letterbox such as the old Vincent Price Edgar Allen Poe movies.

Thank you again for the great software.

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Well Wondershare Uni-Converter does a good job converting from 1080 to 720 and can crop the the frames perfectly. The old NFL games do not need to be 1080 and still look good after the re-encode. Vegas just takes way to long to encode and NVenode is not any faster even on my GTX 1080.

Did you try the Auto Crop function in MCEBuddy on the Conversion Task -> Expert Settings page?