How to cut on "logo only" not black scene before/after logo?

Reading all the tweak info I can find, I see no way to cut on logo detection alone. Just on black scene before and after logo detection. Problem is the black scene is unreliable and the logo detection is very reliable. So consequently I can’t get reliable commercial cuts. Anyone?

Tweaking ComSkip is a dark art. I found the best starting point is here: Comskip Support Forum • View forum - Country INI files

Be sure to also check Comskip Support Forum • View forum - Tuning

Good luck! Will.

I don’t find it dark art. Dark art just means you don’t have an answer. Comskip seems to follow the documentation well, albeit the explanation of the graph colors and bars could be better. It only explains one color in the lowest multicolored bar. After doing much research I have concluded that comskip CAN’T remove commercials on “only logos” even when set to detect_method=2. It only creates a cutpoint and needs, at a minimum, a black frame before it will designate a start/end cutpoint as a commercial block. Quite a shortcoming and a misleading detect_method.

You have a curious way to ask for help. It’s a dark art because there are lots of options and the cumulative effect of tweaks are not always intuitively obvious. If you have a problem with comskip, then perhaps it would be better to post there.

What’s curious about my asking? The obvious question that nobody can answer is what’s the purpose of detect_method if they don’t do what they are supposed to do. If I choose only Logo as the method, why are there many “cumulative effects” that aren’t intuative or obvious? Shouldn’t be any cumulative effects. All the tweaks in the config should be managed by these few detect_method choices, in my example case, disabling most of them. The reason it seems like “dark art” as you term it is the app doesn’t tell you which config parameters are influenced by which detect_method. If it did, much of the mystery would be eliminated. Bottom line is detect_method=2 should only skip based on logos, not logos + this parameter or that condition. It should be this simple, but unfortunately the way the GUI was written, it’s not at all simple to use or understand.

As was already stated your issue is with COMSKIP and that’s where you need to be posting your question. None of your issues has anything to do with MCEBuddy. You can use the comskip GUI to fine tune settings and see exactly how they will react to a show so maybe try that along with a healthy dose of “Don’t attack the people trying to help you when you ASKED for the help.”

I hope nobody felt “attacked” by my post. Thought I was doing well to comment on the product not a person. Point well taken, I shouldn’t have followed your post with another post. I did take your advice and moved my question here.