How long should I expect a full conversion to take?

I have quite a lot of WTV files from WMC files I need to convert. I installed MCEBuddy and started a single conversion but it’s going to take over an hour for an hour long program.

This machine is a bit older, built back in 2013. The GPU is a Radeon HD7870, so I don’t think I can use hardware acceleration, right?

My CPU is AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz

Is this about average for my build or can I speed this entire process up? The commercial scan part wasn’t that long, but the full conversion is what’s taking almost an hour per hour of raw video.

Scratch that, I think the hardware acceleration should work, misread the thread.

I’ll try that and see how things look.

Ok I went out to do some errands and came back. Looks like it still is taking about an hour per raw hour of video.

I don’t see the telltale signs that it’s using my GPU for hardware encoding. No mention of AMD H.264 Hardware Encoder Detected : anywhere in the logs.

Is there something else I need to enable before MCEBuddy uses the GPU?

First few recoirdings were missing subtitles, so I went ahead and added that support with the OCR install. Now I’m looking at almost 90 minutes per raw hour of video to convert.

Software conversion can take time depending on your profile, for example if you’re converting mpeg2 video to h.264 or h.265, it can be quite processor intensive. If you don’t want to convert the video format use an unprocessed profile and it’ll be much much faster.

AMD hardware conversion was just released starting in latest 2.5.1 build.

Oh I see, I am not running 2.5, I was on the stable 2.4 build.

I will try 2.5 and see how that works.

Sorry since I’m new to this, but what is an unprocessed profile?

A profile with the name unprocessed in it, like TS Unprocessed or MP4 Unprocessed. You can find a short description about each profile when you select it.

Ok I’ll give it a try on the weekend thanks

Ok that is super fast now with AMD and unprocessed selected. The Comskip part is now the longest. I barely even noticed the video processing time. It went right to the next video before I even noticed.

Thanks again. I’ve been letting these all run over the last day and they should finish tonight then it’ll just be picking up the daily recordings.