Hard Drive Gone

Not sure if it’s related but everytime MCEBuddy is converting a file my D: drive in Windows 7 disappears and I have to reboot to get it back. This was happening before with two SATA drives running in Raid 0 with the motherboard connectors so thought something was wrong. Now I have an LSI raid controller with three SAS drives in Raid 5 and still happening. Reboot it comes back but happens whenever it starts physically encoding. Not sure there is a relation but can replicate this constantly now so thought I’d ask.


When I had a LSI card in an old machine, I found it was really sensitive to drivers - you’ve got the current LSI drivers installed? Do other activities make the drive disappear? Sustained writes?

Thanks for the reply. Think it’s the power supply that issues are caused by the higher loads when encoding and the PSU not being able to keep the power going. I replaced it and knock on wood, hasn’t happened again.