Missing files

mcebuddy is missing recordings in a scan. I just reconverted my entire library to av1 and am about 2k-3k files short. Also, I use channels dvr on another system. I recently upgraded the gpu on that machine to a rtx 4000 ada. at that time, I moved processing of recordings over to that system. mcebuddy is set to delete the original recording after processing, but I still have a bunch of recordings in the original folder going back to when I was using the old system for processing. thanks.

What does MCEBuddy.oog say about the “missing” files. The only reasons it’ll skip a file is if it doesn’t match the filters set in the task or the file is locked / inaccessible. Again it will be logged in MCEBuddy.log

there are about 100 srt edl log files and for most of them it shows already converted with error. I added some of the files manually and it said file already exists. this is a transcode job from one folder to another. not sure how the file can be a duplicate. I also have rename enabled in mcebuddy. maybe that has something to do with it.