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I decided to abandon silicon dust a few months ago due to their not delivering on the prime 6 and d/c ing the prime 3. I switched to tivo and I figured I would share my setup. I have a bolt vox and a few mini vox / old minis and me and my family could not be happier. They really enjoy the ui and I like that I am not updating the system every day manually (tivo takes care of the updates). Unfortunately, I only have 1tb of space on my tivo which is way too small so I setup kmttg to pull the .tivo files from tivo and then I use mcebuddy to decrypt and convert them to mp4/h265. I use plex to serve the recordings from my server back to the tivo and minis/mini voxs. this way, I have unlimited storage space on my tivo. In any event, it would be nice if mcebuddy could pull the .tivo files from my tivo so I could skip kmttg. I also developed a faster mcebuddy profile for the mp4/h265 conversion that I wanted to share. So far it is nvenc only

[tivo hevc mp4 nvenc]
Description=MP4 HEVC for tivo nvenc
ffmpeg-general=-threads 0
ffmpeg-video=-vcodec hevc_nvenc -preset hq
ffmpeg-audio=-acodec ac3 -ab 192k

I have been using mcebuddy for many years and it keeps amazing me with all of the new things that it can do.

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Since you’re using a custom profile optimized for hardware encoding you may want to add this flag which tells MCEBuddy to no auto detect and adjust the hardware encoding params: