Tivo edge finally

I recently received a update for my tivo edge and now tivo2go downloads work. Unfortunately, ps downloads show a lot of video corruption. ts downloads work fine. Please add support for tivolibre as this works in kmttg with ts downloads. Also tivodecode in mcebuddy shows wrong mac when using a ps stream but decodes in kmttg. For a lot of people like me, leaving a command line service open 24/7 is not an option

Another option is to let kmttg do the decoding and tweak mcebuddy so it reads the metadata from the kmttg output file. I have attached an example.LEGO Masters - Need for Speed Super-Bridges (03_11_2020).ts.txt (1.0 KB)

Can you share the conversion log so we can look into this. Adding support for a metadata file is possible but we need lots of sample metadata files to test

  • series ( episode shows)
  • documentaries/one time shows
  • movies
  • news
  • sports

Oddly enough it works for some files but not others. However, I still get a ton of playback errors when using a ps stream. I have attached logs both from when it works and does not.Extra - 03-11-2020 (03_11_2020).TiVo-tivo job-2020-03-12T12-59-38.log (1.8 MB) LEGO Masters - Need for Speed Super-Bridges (03_11_2020).TiVo-tivo job-2020-03-12T12-53-11.log (6.4 MB)

I will see what I can do about the metadata, however I recently switched cable providers and a lot of things are copy once.

Have you seen this topic for difference between how to download PS vs TS streams: How to convert TiVO Files

Also please upload the file that doesn’t work so we can look into it.

I have attached a ton of metadata files. I am also uploading the file that does not work to cloud storage. In addition, I am also uploading an example of when I use ps streams and it does work except for the playback errors. I will let you know when those are done. My new cable co has poor upload speeds. I have read that link and leaving the command window open is not an option. Also, the certificates in tivo desktop expired so I cant get that to work. I am using kmttg mcebuddy 3-12-20.zip (3.9 KB)

I just pmed you the links

I find using KMTTG to download as a TS file stream with no processing and then let MCEBuddy do the rest works best for me. I only need it when my HDHR DVR misses something or I record something on-the-fly with the TiVo and want to keep it.

The problem with that is mcebuddy does not pick up on the metadata. Also if you are decoding in mcebuddy, you have to leave the command window open which is not an option for me.

Fixed and done, in today’s 2.5.3 BETA build, it should be able to process the TiVo EDGE files (no more stuttering hopefully) and it can also read kmttg pyTivo metadata files. Thanks for the sample video, it’s converting fine with the new build.

@techpro2004 Are you able to copy shows from TiVo with MCEBuddy? Trying to find a solution other than kmttg since it’s been abandoned.

Unfortunately, mcebuddy can only process a file, not download it. I have been in touch with the developer of pytivo desktop to enable auto transfers but it looks doubtful. @Goose if you can add a tivo as a monitor location then I would be happy to make an additional donation to mcebuddy. I also would be happy to test any code that you need me to. All the software needed to do the download exists and is open source (pytivo). It just needs to be automated. Thanks.

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Agreed, TiVo as a monitor location would be fantastic! Do we need to post a feature request?

@Goose that is 2 votes and if I ask around the internet, I am sure we will get more. What do you say?