Filter by file size

I was wondering if I could set a filter on the monitor folder to only add file above a certain file size. I am asking because i had a server fail and now trying to run 10 TB of old HDhomerun files though, I should add I use the part file custom command to make a 100 kb file of the old file so the homerun dvr doesnt rerecord the show. I have it set up to remove ads and encode to h264 and move to the plex server location. now my gaming rig has been at it for a week and still has a long way to go, now that I have fixed my server I am worrying if I spin up mcebuddy again it will try to run the 100kb files left over from the first time. Aslo would it be possible to sync the gaming pc and the server so they can run the same file list that needs commercial removed.

No you can’t filter by file size but you can do this, open windows explorer, sort by file size. Start MCEBuddy and then click the Pause button.
Drag and drop ALL the small 100KB stub files into the MCEBuddy window. It will add all the files to the queue. Wait for it complete adding all the files.
Then select all the files in the queue and click on the Delete button. Now these files won’t be processed again since they are part of the conversion history (as cancelled but never the less it’s there so it won’t be processed again)