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I’m using MCEBuddy in conjunction with Plex Media Server’s Post Processing script capabilities.

PMS’ commercial skipping is broken and continues to hang - I can’t trust it. I never ran into this issue when I was using the comskip that’s included with MCEBuddy (thank you).

PMS puts temp recordings into a “/.grab” folder. When the recording completes, it runs it’s broken version of comskip, theoretically writes an edl file (this doesn’t actually happen), and then runs the post-processing script (in my case, calling MCEBuddy).

Because of the errors in PMS, I want to have a conversion task that looks at the path of the file - based on that path it runs one conversion task versus another. Specifcally:

  • If the path name includes “tv-commercials”, I want it to run “conversion task A” that includes comskip
  • If the path name includes “tv”, I want it to run “conversion task b” that doesn’t include comskip

Am I missing this with the existing file mask capability? I know I can restrict a conversion task to a particular monitor location - I can’t do that when it’s calling the CLI. I’d like to extend that concept to include file path.

Thanks! Will.

as long as there both parent dir and one is not inside the other you can do this already need to setup 2 monitor locations and 2 tasks. inside the tasks in expert set monitor location to the correct one for the task

I’m aware of the restriction in expert settings. Monitors don’t work in conjunction with Plex Media Server and the post processing script because from MCEBuddy’s perspective, they’re both CLI, hence the feature request.

Well if your recordings goto the different folders from plex for now maybe use mcebuddy to scan the folders every few min rather than using a post script in plex. when i was using plex to record i let mcebuddy do its thing and did not use plex to run a post script.

that’s what I was doing before - it breaks Plex’s metadata and you also get into a state where Plex thinks the file is missing until the next scan because the filename is changed from *.ts to *mkv (in my case).

well if your changing the file type it is missing just set plex to auto scan for changes and its the encoding time + 30ish second its back takes very little cpu time. if you don’t want mcebuddy to change the meta data in the task under expert uncheck download info and make sure add info is checked.

As I say, it breaks other things in PMS (metadata).

Why can’t there either be a file path mask added or extend the “file name match” field to also work on the pathname of the file? At least if that were the case, I could cover this via two conversion tasks.

I’m a long-time member and contributor to MCEB.

i just use the program dude just trying to show you other options i have used. i dont use plex to dvr anymore i use nextpvr now and the output directory from mce plex scans.

This feature has been added in today’s 2.4.9 build. You can instruct MCEBuddy to do a match on the full file path instead of just the filename by adding the tag path: at the beginning of the match expression.

If you want to match the entire file path instead of just the filename, start the pattern with path:


OR for a negative match


OR if you want to a use a regular expression to match the path


This applies to both conversion task filename filter and monitor task filename filters. The pop up help has been updated to reflect these changes as well.

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Awesome - Thank you!

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