Extracting DVB using ccextractor


I have a problem with my dvb-c recorded .TS files which, according to ccextractor does not have subtitles within but they are present if I check the file through VLC. I have the tessdata properly set up.

I did some testing with ccextractor 0.87 version and, seems that if I pass the argument ‘-codec dvbsub’ to the ccextractor, the subtitles are extracted just fine.

So: is there a way to enable this argument somewhere on configs of mcebuddy? Or is there a way to pass arguments to ccextractor that is launched by mcebuddy? According to logs there are quite a few arguments already for ccextractor but not the one I am missing. Thank you!

DVBSubs are typically image files and your need to use OCR to convert the image to text. MCEBuddy does support you it but you need to download the OCR file separately

Have you seen tried this?

If you can upload a copy of your original video to our servers we can check it out as well

Yes, I have seen and followed that documentation, as stated above the tessdata files are present. And I know the argument which fixes my problem (prefer DVB subtitles over teletext ones) but I just don’t know how to pass that argument so it would be used.

I can upload a part of a media file later this day.

Sample file uploaded to folder DeepBlue-DVB-subtitle-issue.

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With today’s 2.4.10 BETA build it will automatically detect for DVB subtitles and run ccextractor with the appropriate options when DVB is detected.

For DVB detection to work it requires the OCR files downloaded and installed as described here: How to Enable DVB and Image Subtitle Extraction

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Unfortunately it still does not seem to be working. I will upload log to the same folder as the sample video before.

How could it, the build hasn’t been released yet, it’s released EOD. Check the build date while downloading it.

Aah, sorry, my bad. Will check it tomorrow :grinning:

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