Email blocked, unable to get username/password

When I try to get the username and password for my account after I have donated $30 my mail server says " - reject RCPT: 550 5.7.1 Service unavailable; client [] blocked using"

I have put the IP address into my whitelist but it still wont let this trough. How can I get my username and password?

Looks like you’re using a third party eMail blocking list which blocks Google’s servers (which don’t have a single IP but a range of IP’s see below). You’ll have to contact SORBS or your eMail provider to see why it won’t respect the whitelist, not much we can do from our side. See this thread:!topic/apps/WjzMWHorSSs


It provides Google IP address range to add to your whitelist

To retrieve your username password, use but do note that mcebuddy use Googles services so need to ensure your mail provider isn’t blocking google.