I paid for premium and didn't get a username

I went to the recover password page and it said it didn’t recognize my email. I have a receipt from paypal.

On the lost username/password page (https://password.mcebuddy2x.com), use the eMail that was registered with Paypal, if you have multiple emails registered with your paypal account try them all or try the primary/default emails registered with Paypal.

Often we see errors that eMails have bounced (old emails registered with Paypal) or eMails end up with in the SPAM folder (please add mcebuddy2x.com domain to your list of safe senders). That’s why we’ve setup the lost username and password page as we don’t have any other way to contact users who’s paypal emails are bouncing.

You were right. I had an old email account on paypal. However, I deactivated that account more than a year ago so I can’t access it. I’ve updated paypal to reflect my new address.