Purchase and upgrade

hi i am thinking about buying this mcebuddy software but on your site you can only pay with payal which i dont have a paypal account a few other softwares i have bought you can pay with debit card through check out but when you go on your mcebuddy site it goes to paypal site it says the amount but i dont have a paypal account is there anyway mcebuddy team can add a way to pay by debit card on the mcebuddy site

also i had a old version of mcebuddy software and have installed the new version i am using it as a trial but when i go to install the new version it says error 1001 the specified service already exists i did remove this old software version with the windows unistall feature which is built in to windows then i shut down my pc maybe it left some files cos it left the folder in c drive programs folder so i deleted it emptyed the recycle bin then when i go to install the new verision it still says that message is there a way around this

You don’t need to use a PayPal account. You can use the debit or credit card payment option. PayPal is only the payment processor.

Try the clean install instructions.

I would suggest starting a new topic for each issue.

oh it is just when i got to the site www.mcebuddy2x.com i click on Premium version then it goes to paypal it says the amount for the software and it says login to paypal or register it would great if there was a simply checkout where it says the amount for the software and you pay with a debit card other softwares i have bought from other sites you go throgh a checkout and pay with debit card it is that simply a lot of sites accept payment by debit card but mcebuddy site goes to paypal when you click on the premium version bit and you can only login to paypal if you have a account or create a paypal account that is the only thing you can do on that page there is no mcebuddy checkout where you pay with a debit card

When you’re redirected to PayPal it’ll give you an option to check out using a debit or credit card. After that you can check out as guest using your email (which is where it’ll send you your login credentials) like shown here: