Can I install without Winzip?

Is there a way to install the trial version without installing the Winzip suite? That’s a subscription product i don’t want, and when I ran the .exe file, I got a Malwarebytes warning. Then when I went to the mcebuddy site looking for additional information, I clicked on a “Continue” button and some kind of malware took over my PC, with a voice instructing me not to shut down my computer and to call a number on the screen purported to be Microsoft. I had to power-cycle my PC to get out of it.

Is there a simple way to install mcebuddy without having to install Winzip?

Highly recommend using 7-zip. It’s lightweight and non-intrusive.

Welcome to the forum rc2154,
What OS are you running?

Windows 11.

I would be happy to pay for this software if it works, but the installation shouldn’t be trying to get me to install other programs. That’s adware, not trialware. I had a licensed copy of Winzip at one time, but I’m not paying $40 a year to unzip files. Most installer programs are self-extracting anyway.

I’m going to download 7-zip and see if the installer will let me bypass Winzip, but I’m still concerned about how malware took over my PC. It was when I clicked a blue “Continue” button somewhere on the site. And before that happened, I got a Malwarebytes warning and a quarantine of files when I ran the installation. That doesn’t give me a lot of confidence that the program can be safely installed.

There should be no requirement for winzip, I don’t have it installed and I install without issue. Using the built in windows support for zip files is even good enough to extract the zip and run setup.exe.
I think we need more detail on what your issue is before we can help. Can you provide step by step what you are doing to install it and provide screenshots of any messages you are getting regarding winzip or malware?

I will try the installation again and take some screenshots. Thanks for the reply.


OK, I got it installed. It looks like the big blue “Download” button on the site isn’t the download for MCEbuddy. I clicked a different link and was redirected to Videohelp, where I downloaded the correct software and installed it. Anyway, I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the replies.