Duplicated (but different EP's) EP's

I think I know why this is happening, but I’m not sure how to fix it. I use SageTV to handle all recordings, and I provide both a .properties and xml file for metadata.

I believe MCEB is using only the .properties file, which sometimes doesn’t have much info in it, however the .xml does. I think, everything that is needed by MCEB to correctly identify the show is in the .xml.

In the attached case, the show name got duplicated and over wrote the original.

BattleBots-YouMessWiththeBullYouGettheDrumPart2-17875655-0.ts.zip (94.0 KB)

MCEBuddy is reading your XML file (not properties file) and this is what it reads:

2019-06-21T19:01:50 MCEBuddy.MetaData.FileExtractMetadata --> Successfully extracted SageTV XML metadata
2019-06-21T19:01:50 MCEBuddy.MetaData.VideoMetaData --> Video Tags extracted from file/name metadata ->
Title: BattleBots
SubTitle: You Mess With the Bull, You Get the Drum, Part 1
Description: Fast and strong homemade robots face off in battles until one is declared the champion.
OriginalBroadcastDateTime: 2019-06-21T17:00:00

I think I see your issue, when it tries to supplement the metadata from the internet, TVDB is using the Original Broadcast date to match the information and it’s returning something else:

–> Found series match on TVDB by Original Broadcast Date. Updated video tags ->
Title: BattleBots
SubTitle: Don’t Flip Out!
Description: BattleBots Champion Bite Force squares off against famed bot Yeti, while another legendary builder returns to the competition with a brand-new epic bot.
Season: 4
Episode: 3

If TVDB has the wrong information you have 2 options:

  1. Correct the information on TVDB
  2. Use the Metadata corrections page to specify which internet metadata provider you want to use and don’t use TVDB

From what I can tell, It’s correct on TVDB.


Is this not true any longer?

Apart from XML it can also extract metadata from PROPERTIES (SageTV) files, ARG (ArgusTV) files and TIVO files (MAK needs to be configured).

Yes it’s true, it matches the XML first and then the PROPERTIES file. In your case it found the XML first so it stops there. BTW your properties file is empty, so I don’t know how it would help anyways.

I think I see your issue. For both episodes your XML file is reporting a Subtitle name that doesn’t match what TVDB has.

So MCEBuddy uses the broadcast date to match and your XML file has the same date for both shows:

OriginalBroadcastDateTime: 2019-06-21T17:00:00

Hence the filenames are the same for both. It’s an issue with the XML file.

If you don’t want MCEBuddy to overwrite the file, it can create unique filenames. In the Conversion Task -> Expert Settings page, at the bottom check the option Do not overwrite files and it will create a unique filename instead.