Double-processing recordings

I’ve got two profiles setup, one for SD recordings and another for HD recordings, and ordered so the SD profile triggers before the HD profile. The SD profile has a channel filter set to match the non-primary channels because they broadcast in SD. I use the HDHR DVR for my source recordings.

The SD profile triggers and converts the file. However, the processing still continues with the HD profile, which runs all the way until it checks to see if the output file already exists, doing all of the show lookup and metadata parsing and extraction. When it sees the file has already been converted, the profile exits.

The only thing I see in the logs is this entry to tell me what the filter is, but no entries to tell me that it the channel information was detected in the file (or not) and matched (or not) against the filter. This is the only thing I see in the log file referencing my filter from the profile (and not the recording).

Channel Selection Pattern -> *DT2;*DT3;*DT4

Is that normal behavior, or should the profile order processing stop once the show has been processed and avoid all the prep processing in the downstream profiles? Did I miss a checkbox or option somewhere in the profile settings?

If open mcebuddy.log and search for your filename it’ll show which filters matched and which didn’t so you can see what’s going on. If you don’t want a file to be processed by a conversion task you need to put a negative filter starting with a ~. See MCEBuddy - Advanced Settings, Commands and Tweaking