CustomCuts GUI - How do I use it properly?

I just found this little gem and I love it. Am I doing something wrong? MCEBuddy takes a long time to process the resulting EDL and XML files.

I am using “Open VIdeo” to get the video file for editing. I Press “Start Cut” and “Play” then “Pause” and “End Cut”.

I save the EDL and XML files and press the “Process with MCEBuddy” button.

I was expecting MCEBuddy to use the EDL and XML files to do a quick cut and splice…maybe a half hour on a one hour program.

Instead I go through the entire commercial detection process, the resulting file having my manually created cuts removed properly.

Since I have marked the commercials to be cut do I really need to go through the entire process? Am I missing something fundamental?

Thanks, CraigM

Can you attach your conversion log?

I think I found the problem. I was not using the MP4 Unprocessed profile in the Conversion Task. Since I changed to it, things have sped up considerably.

I cannot find a conversion log to attach._


I just checked on this and it appears to be working fine. If you save your EDL file along with your source video file with the same default (default suggestion by Custom Cuts) and then click Process with MCEBuddy it sends it to MCEBuddy to cut it and it picks up the EDL file ignoring Comskip.

Are you sure you aren’t confusing conversion with commercial detection?

If you want just cuts without any conversion you should be using one of the Unprocessed profiles like MP4 Unprocessed or TS Unprocessed

Like @RBoy said, attach your conversion logs so we can see what’s going on in your specific conversion

I just finished processing a 30 minute PBS show with the MP4 Unprocessed Profile. I created a cut at the beginning and one at the end. MCEBuddy took seven minutes to process the file.

Thanks for your help! The Unprocessed Profile made all the difference.

I have attached the log file.


Perfect! Exceed my expectations.The Great Smoky Mountain Railways - s2017e0922 - 2017-09-22 033000 - ch4.4.mp4-Commerical Removal-2017-10-05T13-50-39.6301250-04-00.log (513.2 KB)

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