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I am using Custom Cuts and it works very well. Thank you for making this! There are a few recommendations I would like to present for consideration:

  1. It would be very valuable and helpful to have a “jump qualifier” to jump x-seconds while holding down a control/shift. Ideally, holding down CTRL would jump 30 seconds while pressing left/right, and holding down SHIFT would jump 10 seconds. Even more ideally still these could be configurable. FWIW, right now I am having to use VLC to scan/monitor the video and then go to Custom Cuts with the timecodes from VLC manually.
  2. Having the ability to keyboard focus the slider would be handy. What I have to do now is click Start Cut (or End Cut) and in doing so I lose focus of the slider, so have to click it again (pretty narrow slice). If there was a keyboard shortcut to re-focus – or better yet autofocus when a button is clicked – it would be most appreciated.
  3. That’s actually it. Hey, this program is better than I thought! :sweat_smile:

The other “gotcha” here is that while using VLC it keeps the file open if you forget to close it, so when you click on Process with MCEBuddy the file gets “added” but it doesn’t get processed and silently fails.

So, eliminating VLC and strictly using Custom Cuts is the motivation here. Thanks again for any consideration. :+1:

Great ideas. These have been done in the next beta build

Shift - 5s
Ctrl - 30s
None - 100ms

You can use left/right and also home/end to navigate

You can use the tab button to move between the buttons, we’ve gone a step ahead and implemented auto focus back to the slider after video load, start/end/remove buttons.

Thanks for helping make MCEBuddy better.

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Fantastic! WAY more than I expected. It is very much respected and appreciated. :blush:

Thank you so much!

EDIT/FWIW: a little shout out of appreciation:

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Dude, it’s perfect! :sparkling_heart: NICE WORK OVER THERE. :grin: :+1:

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