Manual edit commerical feature is great but we need more accurate control

Just upgraded from an old 2.3 release. The new manual commerical edit feature is great but…

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While editing start and stop points to be cut out manually it would be nice if you could get more granular using the arrow keys for ffwd and rwd in milleseconds so we can “cut” in the exact spots where it fades to commercial.

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I completely agree with you this would be a GREAT benefit to make the MCEBuddy Custom Cuts program an excellent tool.

There already are levels of granular control available.

As for increasing the accuracy, that’s a limitation of the source video. A video frame can only cut cleanly along an I frame otherwise it causes tearing of the video. How often I frames are present in the video GOP depends on the video encoding characteristics of the original recording and the format it uses.

Basically if you’re working with MP4 files where you can cut depends on the original video encoding and not the accuracy of custom cuts.

hmm…well using the slider thats there i cant seem to get it quite where i want it and there is no way to edit the time that i can see. I end up getting the cut but i get a brief ms of a commercial of jon nameth selling me boner pills or life insurance or whatever he endorses these days. It never fails. IF i try to move the slider to cut it…it moves too far and cuts into the program just a bit. It would be nice to have just a bit more granularity. Its a great program.

additionally - a 30 second skip forward, and a 10 second skip backwards button would be great too, in trying to find the ads

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Already exists: [FEATURE] Custom Cuts Suggestions - speed up sliders using keys

With 2.5.5 we’ve added the option to move the slider by 5ms using the Alt key

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I was thinking this too, @rleevance! More like 25 seconds, though. If you skip 30 seconds there’s a chance to skip an entire commercial and not know it. 25 should do the trick, unless there are 25 second commercials, then 20 would be better. :stuck_out_tongue:

yes agreed!

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The reward for hard work is more hard work, @Goose. :sweat_smile::disappointed::sob: