Custom Cuts Very Sluggish Since 2.5.3 and 2.5.4

Since version 2.5.3 I have noticed Custom Cuts, which I love, has slowed down. After loading the video and as I scroll through that video, it has become very slow to display the frames. I first seem this in 2.5.3 and went back to 2.5.2 and all is okay. Just loaded 2.5.4 and again it is very slow in processing the frames to mark for cut. Back to 2.5.2 and all is good.
Has something changed?

There hasn’t been any change to the core functionality. What specifically is slowing down? Moving the slider, marking the cuts or something else?

Yes, when moving the slider I have wait a second for the video to catch up to the position. This began with 2.5.3.

I’m not seeing any difference with our test videos here. How are you moving the slider, using the mouse or using the keyboard keys? Also please upload the video with which you’re seeing the issue to our server for us to analyze.

I’ve tried this on several keyboards and on several videos and all give the same results. If you open a video and select “Start Cut” using the right arrow key, watch the time on the slider timer position. In version 2.5.2 the scroll up using the right arrow on the keyboard moves very smoothly. However, on version 2.5.3 and 2.5.4 if you hold the right arrow down if jerks as it moves up as though it is slower reading the data. If you use the slider itself, it appears to be much smoother but fine tuning the cut location is more difficult.

I see why it’s slower. Two things changed:

  1. When you move the slider using a key, each time you move it it copies the timestamp to the clipboard. This is probably causing the slow down, especially if your clipboard is being shared with other apps:
  1. We’ve added key modifiers to fine tune how the keys respond, if you want to move faster use the shift key or the ctrl key. See this feature addition:

Does the second feature help you?

In today’s 2.5.5 BETA build we’ve added an option to enable/disable Clipboard timestamp sync. Turning this off will improve your performance while using the slider with keys.

I am loving Custom Cuts again! Beta made it enjoyable again when editing, thanks for everyones quick action.

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