Custom Command Parameter arguments are different from what was supposed to be passed

Request Type:
MCEBuddy Version and Type (32bit or 64bit):
2.4.9 64bit
Operating System and Type (32bit or 64bit):
Windows 10 64bit
Summary of the problem or suggestion:
I have been using the same DOS batch file to move the converted file to one of my staging directories without any problems for the last 2 years. When I upgraded from 2.4.8 to 2.4.9 the batch file stopped working. I checked the log file for the converted file and it looks like the value for %converted file% contains the path of the dos batch file name and the converted file path. For example; I am calling a file named After_MceBuddy.bat which is loaded in a directory different from MCEBuddy2x. This file was receiving the %convertedfile%,%convertedext%,%originalfilename%, and %Season% parameters. The episode being converted was from Season 3 of CSI_Miami. The values being passed were “D:\kmttg_v2.1s\After_MceBuddy” + the converted file name.
This caused the batch file to no longer process. I have attached the log file from the episode where I found this problem and will revert back to version 2.4.8 until it has been corrected.
Steps to replicate the bug:

  1. I first changed the batch file to show the parameters being passed.
  2. Moved the file being processed back to the input folder.
  3. Used Mce_Buddy to reconvert the processed file.
  4. Did this several times with the same problem occurring.
  5. I also moved the batch file to the MCEBuddy2x directory with the same problem occurring.

Attach your conversion so we can see the exact settings being used to replicate it.

I resolved this issue.

In previous versions I had the PostCustomCommandPath coded as: d:\kmttg_v2.1s\After_MceBuddy.bat

When I changed the Profiles.conf file after the upgrade; I had it coded as: D:\kmttg_v2.1s\After_MceBuddy.bat

Not clear why this made a difference but it did as I tried it both ways under version 2.4.8.

The %convertedfile% parameter no longer contains the path of the batch file and everything ran as before.

The attached screenshot shows the portion of the log file that shows the argument values being passed to the batch file.

I will upgrade the version tonight and verify that the problem has been corrected.

Please keep both the logs files so we can compare to see what’s going on. And I would recommend updating to the latest 2.4.10 version