Converted file replace the original file

OK, I’m new to this and I was wondering if in the settings I can just use comskip to get rid of commercials and convert back to “.wtv” while JUST using the 1 hard drive where the recordings are located? Then delete the original so that when it’s done my recordings are just showing normal in WMC but no commercials.
(Maybe use my “C” drive for the conversions?)

20 views but no help. Somebody must be able to explain.

Set the temp folder in Settings → Expert settings

Yes, Select WTV Unprocessed as the profile, leave the Destination blank/empty (i.e. use original video directory), select Comskip and uncheck the renaming option (i.e. use original filename) - NOTE this will overwrite the original wtv file.

If you’ve deselected the renaming option and left the destination folder empty the converted wtv file should overwrite the original

Rest your mouse over each option to get instant pop up help

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