Convert video files to mp4 video files takes too long to do

Hi I bought this software last saturday to convert to mp4 video files and compress them at the same time. Anyway I have got some video files and it is taking far too long to convert video files to mp4 I have a 1.63gb and 1.91gb and 3.67gb and 2.04gb video files I want to convert them to mp4 video files and compress them aswell I have done everything right on the software but it is taking to long to compress those 4 video files to mp4 video files on the Mcebuddy software it says the time 20 hours and 57 minutes and 51 seconds and it is only doing the 3.67gb video file at the moment it has not converted the other video files yet it will take more time what I am saying it is gonna take like nearly a full day to convert 1 video file and convert it aswell could there maybe be a update to the Mcebuddy software where it does this converting faster cos I have bought other softwares like fone paw video converter that only takes about 1 hour and theses 4 video files are converted but it does not compress them only converts them that software only takes about 1 hour but the Mcebuddy software will take over 20hours to convert 1 video file it has not converted the other video files yet can you please help

That does not sound right at all. Either the CPU is bogged down with something else leaving little time for the video conversion (and that’s a cpu intensive process) or something else is going on.

Can you attach your conversion log? That will show what’s going on. Even if it’s not complete, just attach the log of the ongoing conversion (you don’t need to stop it).

Hi how do I take a photo of the conversion log on the Mcebuddy software it only took about 8 and a half hours on 3.67gb file the other files took about under 7 hours on the other 3 files so I had to leave my computer on all night to convert the video files it did convert them but it took some time

Hi goose I have took 2 pictures of my Mcebuddy log is that right

You can click the Logs link in the upper right of the main window to take you to the logs directory. The conversion logs will be named original filename, the conversion task name and a date and time. To help out even more enable debug logging, run the conversion and attach the log to this post.

hi here is all the logs fies of the converting so is there anyway the mcebuddy software can convert video files faster

Eurovision Song Contest 2022.mp4-Convert to MP4-2024-06-11T22-46-43.log (8.5 MB)

Eurovision Song Contest 2022.mp4-Convert to MP4-2024-06-12T16-53-55.log (13.6 KB)

mcebuddy.log (3.9 MB)

From your logs I see that you have a AMD graphics card. Your card only supports hardware accelerated encoding for h.264 codecs. It does not support HEVC/H.265

→ AMD H.264 Hardware Encoder Detected : True
→ AMD H.265 Hardware Encoder Detected : False
→ AMD AV1 Hardware Encoder Detected : False

However the profile you’re using to convert is MP4 HEVC. HEVC is a very CPU intensive codec format. Since your hardware doesn’t support HEVC encoding the CPU has to do it and you have a very very fast CPU otherwise it takes a long time to complete.

→ Profile being used : MP4 HEVC

If you want to speed up your conversions you have 3 options:

  1. Use the MP4 Normal or MP4 High Quality (h.264) profile. This will use your graphics card hardware acceleration and speed things up significantly
  2. Get a new graphics card and which supports HEVC/h.265 if you want to use the current profile
  3. Reduce the quality slider to -50% or more. While this will speed up the conversion, the quality will also reduce.

I cant upload anymore of the logs cos it says on this website there is a limit to 10mb there are some more logs of the converting but I can’t upload them to this site cos of the limit 10mb and the rest of the converting logs same 50mb and 94mb so I uploaded the logs that are under 10mb of the converting

Also I bought this Mcebuddy software off your site and I thought I was so post to get a serial key to put into the software but what I got was a username and password in my email from Mcebuddy and then a link to your premium site where you login to there with the username and password you gave me then you are able to download the Mcebuddy software can I ask a question why do you do that give a username and password and a link to the Mcebuddy premium site to download the software why can’t you just do a serial key which is a long code to put into your Mcebuddy software cos you can download the Mcebuddy software the trial one of your Mcebuddy site but you can’t put any serial key in the software I have bought other softwares like Nero and you put a serial key in that and it is the full version so why do Mcebuddy don’t do that way