Conversion Tasks Vanish

I had been converting files in MCEBudddy with no problem for several months when all of a sudden my conversion task profiles vanished along with the monitoring location (etc.). Basically the entire profile disappeared for no reason. I then reprogrammed the conversion tasks and started converting again. I had converted about 20 or 30 files (with approximately 120 remaining to convert) when the profile disappeared once again. In other words, nothing would convert when started because everything I had programmed was gone. Does any one know why this could be happening?

Open your profile.conf and mcebuddy.conf and check if the profiles and tasks exist.
Possible reasons:

  1. File is getting corrupted (check hard disk for bad sectors)
  2. File is getting erased (harder to track down which program, Anti Virus? is erasing the file)
  3. File is getting replaced (do you have some backup tasks or something similar which is replacing your file)