Conversion/monitor on MCE Buddy launch

Does anyone know if it’s possible to start conversions on the launch of MCE Buddy? I tried adding in a simple -start in the shortcut but it doesn’t seem to work. Any help would be much appreciated!

“Start” starts the service - the only way to have it begin immediately is to either have something in the queue when it was quit the last time, or use the add command from something like the plex post-processing script.

I don’t know if there’s a command line option to rescan. You can also try tweaking the minimum age attribute in the conversion task.

All that said, the monitor picks things up pretty quickly - it shouldn’t add very much latency to your workflow.

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In addition to what @Will_Tschumy said, see this page also for start up parameters:

I use MCEBuddy.GUI.exe /startengine
In my case I want the GUI to open, and it’ll do it’s normal scans of my directories and start conversions of whatever files are there. It’s not necessarily immediate, but i use it in my windows task scheduler with a small delay and reboot and then i just drop files into the conversion directory as needed and don’t touch mcebuddy itself.