CCExtractor failing

Might just be a coinscidence, but I’m getting an error on the first thing I tried to convert. It looks related to the CC extractor, and I remember having this issue before, but I think the fix was for MCEBuddy to continue in the case of corrupt CCs. Am I doing something wrong?

Survivor (2000) - S38E09 - Y’all Making Me Crazy.ts-Convert to MP4-2019-04-10T21-13-46.1404397-04-00.log (396.4 KB)

I believe was only if CCExtractor didn’t find any captions, if there’s an explicit error then it stops the conversion to notify the user. In this case ccextractor failed due to a bad video stream:

2019-04-10T21:24:57 MCEBuddy.AppWrapper.CCExtractor --> Error: In user_data: ustream->bitsleft < 0. Cannot continue.
–> Process exited with code 1000
ERROR> --> CCExtractor failed to extract closed captions

I would recommend reporting the bug to ccextractor along with a sample file so they can look into it.

Thanks. I’ll go that route if it happens again!