Extracted subtitles are garbled

For certain shows (mainly those from BBC America), extracted subtitles appear garbled like below.

00:00:29,049 --> 00:00:30,715
Éjof@bbc ica - strek ver 0106@@
m sicklphine

Seeing same behavior for recordings from PlexDVR and HDHomerunDVR. Are there specific options in MCEBuddy which can correct this? Or can captions be directly passed into MKV container

Are you on the latest 2.4.7 BETA? If not upgrade and check again.

Yes I updated to the latest beta (2.4.7) and noticed that subtitles improved for channels like AMC (previously inconsistent) but same issue for BBCA shows (e.g. Orphan Black, Ripper Street). Viewing the original .ts file in vlc shows the captions properly. Attached the conversion log file and resulting srt file

Orphan Black (2013) - S05E05 - Ease for Idle Millionaires.srt.txt (31.3 KB)
Orphan Black (2013) - S05E05 - Ease for Idle Millionaires.ts-Convert to MKV-2017-07-12T19-18-12.4858951-04-00.log (417.2 KB)

Can you upload the original TS file to the MCEBuddy upload server for analysis.

uploaded below 3 files. different from previous example but same issue (seems to be across the board for all bbca shows)

garbled text original ts.ts
garbled text.srt
garbled text mcebuddy conversion.log

We were able to replicate the issue, it appears to be an issue with ccextractor. I would recommend that you report the issue on the ccextractor github page (open a new issue) and you can provide them with the link to the file you uploaded to the mcebuddy server.