2.4.10 Release Notes


  • Focus on performance improvements
  • Faster renaming/library management
  • Significantly improved metadata matching
  • Improved subtitle/OCR support

Changelog for 2.4.10 (32bit and 64bit)


  1. Improve H.265 remuxing support, added new profile parameter AllowH265CopyRemuxing=true
  2. Added support for extracting and embedding multiple subtitle files
  3. Allow for updating metadata, subtitles and chapters in rename only mode


  1. Fix for conversion failure when using Rename only with Comskip enabled and a Saved EDL file
  2. Fix for not reading Silicon Dust HDHR episode/season metadata
  3. Improve IMDB matching
  4. Fix for reading metadata from filenames without a subtitle
  5. Fix writing MKV metadata in some cases
  6. Fix for using original title regex while correcting metadata
  7. Patch for Kodi bug, don’t write BOM to EDL file


  1. Handle asymmetrical special characters (-) in filename while extracting metadata
  2. Added support for extracting Premiere Year from Filename ShowTile, e.g. Alice (1979) – S01E03 – Episode name
  3. Upgraded ffmpeg to N-92683-g32601fb821 Dec 13th build to improve hardware conversions
  4. Add support for absolute exclusion paths in Monitor Locations
  5. Improve ffmpeg encoding/decoding performance (software and NVIDIA CUDA)
  6. Improve interlace detection speed by 100%
  7. Improve crop detection speed by 350%
  8. Update AVIDemux to 2.7.1 Jan 15th 2019 build to support H.265
  9. Fixed H.265 profile generating very large files
  10. Updated MediaInfo to 18.12
  11. Change Disable cropping to Enable cropping in settings page
  12. Speed up Rename only tasks by up to 10x
  13. Don’t limit minimum file size allowing renaming of SRT and other meta files
  14. Improved reading and writing for MP4 and MKV metadata
  15. Improve DVB subtitle detection (requires OCR files installed How to Enable DVB and Image Subtitle Extraction)
  16. Updated CCExtractor to 0.87
  17. Improved matching metadata using series years
  18. Added 3 additional custom renaming commands:
  • %ifpremieredate%<RenamePatternIfTrue,RenamePatternIfFalse> - If Series Premiere Date is present rename using True pattern, else rename using False pattern
  • %ifairdate%<RenamePatternIfTrue,RenamePatternIfFalse> - If Original Air Date is present rename using True pattern, else rename using False pattern
  • %ifrecorddate%<RenamePatternIfTrue,RenamePatternIfFalse> - If Video Record Date is present rename using True pattern, else rename using False pattern

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Yep ! Works great Charmed TV show is now getting the correct metadata

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