Can we get a Copy-on-archive option? Original recording files are heavily fragmented

Can we get an option to copy-on-archive for the original media files? I use the HDHR DVR and the original media files end up with tens of thousands of file fragments. I know it requires double the space of the original file, but copying the file might result in fewer fragments. Obviously, if space is not available, then the current rename method still works.\

I can only assume that the fragments are a result of the recording process since the DVR has to save a stream of buffered packets and thus requests lots of small file extension allocations as it records.

Another complication is that if the disk is already allocated with only small empty blocks available, copying a large file will still result in the copy filling a bunch of small empty blocks and freeing the same, for a net result of no real defragmentation gains.

I don’t know if the number of fragments can be discovered to say, set a threshhold (5,000?) before trying the “copy-on-archive” technique. Or if an option to notify the user (and log) if some overly fragmented source media file is encountered and they should run their favorite disk defragmentation program/tool.

This would be really helpful on those profiles that don’t do conversions but move/rename or modify the files minimally and apply it to the resulting file. i.e. to minimize the fragmentation of the media file that Plex or the media player would be playing.

Just an idea that came from looking at how fragmented my media disk was and noticing which files were really heavily fragmented - like tens of thousands of fragments compared to less than 20 for everything else.

Another option is to setup a post-processing command to invoke a CLI defrag program like Piriform’s Defraggler (the people that make CCleaner) to defrag the media file just processed or about to be processed.

How do we setup post-processing commands? Through the GUI? or is editing the MCBuddy config by hand the only way?