Audio is not synced at the end of the movies and 1 movie was never edited of commercials

Hello - I just downloaded the trial version and with the first movie Finding Father Christmas - the audio is synced fine throughout the first half of the movie. By 3/4s of the movie the audio is off and by the end the screen has frozen though audio continues.

The 2nd movie Small Town Santa - went through the entire process - probably took about 2 hours and at the end no commercials were removed. Plus the same audio problem as above. 20 minutes or so before the end of the movie the audio is no longer synced to the video.

The last issue is that I have the recordings set to MP 4 Normal but as the movies were processed I saw repeated references to a 2nd Pass.

Any suggestions please and thank you.

I just got the message that new users can only link 3 items in a post - I have deleted the 2nd log for Small Town Santa

Finding Father Christmas.mp4-Convert to MP4-2021-11-12T08-39-37.log (5.6 MB)
Finding Father Christmas.mp4-Edited Movies-2021-11-12T08-39-37.log (5.5 MB)

Small Town Santa - 2014 Dean Caine.mp4-Convert to MP4-2021-11-12T08-39-37.log (6.4 MB)