Audio doesn't syncv with video

After the video file has had it’s commercials removed with comskip which it does well the audio is not synced properly with the video you hear people talking whe their lips aren’t moving etc

I don’t do much commercial removal, but I’ll see if I can help out. Do you have a log file for a conversion task that this happened on? If so, please attach. Also, is the audio ahead or behind the video?

No I don’t have the specific log file but believe I figured it out. Since I have OTA TV whenever there is a bad storm I get intermittent signal loss I believe this only happens when it converts a file with this intermittent loss. I doubt there’s anyway to recover that

If you can figure out the number of seconds of the delay, you can try and adjust it in the conversion task.

Thanks burt it is intermittent do I’d hate to change it back and forth for the few that do it. Also usually it starts at different times within the file where the files audio will be properly synced at the beginning and some random place within the file it starts