ASS Subtitles - Extract and Copy?

I know that .ass subtitles are not supported in MCEBuddy and I understand that…

But could MCEBuddy extract the .ass formatted subtitles from the .mkv file, rename and copy the .ass file(s) along with the converted video?

We can look into it but will need samples. Can you upload small samples to our server to analyze

I just noticed your reply last night.
I would be happy to upload a sample file with .ass subtitles.
I do not see the “Upload” folder on your hosted site any longer…

You can follow the instructions on the link above to upload samples.

Got it. I was using my personal password. Uploading the file now.
Folder John_Freiman
ASS Subtitles - NCIS New Orleans S03E21 Krewe.mkv